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Kohinoor Packers and Movers

Transport Insurance Services

As a company, Kohinoor Packers and Movers takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that their clients’ belongings do not suffer any damage or loss. This is done by packing the articles with the appropriate packing materials, correctly storing them in the transporting vehicles and other such facilities. However, even with the most care, accidents are possible. This is especially true in the case of transport. They cannot be packed in a way that is possible with other smaller items. Hence, it becomes risky in case of an accident or natural disaster that occurs during the transportation process. In case of such a mishap, the owner does not have recourse to any backup plan.

To reduce the risk involved in such situations, Kohinoor Packers and Movers offers its clients the opportunity to ensure their transports while it is being relocated. This is very helpful to the client. In exchange for a reasonable amount of money, the owners can ensure their car. This is also applicable in case of the vehicles transporting the belongings of the client. In both cases the insurance allows the client to receive an amount equal to the valuation of the car or the articles that were being shifted, in case of damage due to any mishap during the shifting process.