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Kohinoor Packers and Movers

Loading and Unloading Services

Besides the primary packing and moving services, another important function is that of loading and unloading the packer goods. Kohinoor Packers and Movers also provide loading and unloading facilities for their clients. They also need to load the packed boxes in the carrier vehicle correctly to ensure minimal loss and damage to the client’s belongings.

At Kohinoor Packers and Movers delegates this job of loading and unloading to labourers with many years of experience. Their facilities include arranging boxes as per the weight of the contents and the nature of the contents. For example, a box containing a heavy metal object will be placed lower in the vehicle whereas a box containing fragile and light objects will be kept at the top. This arrangement reduces the chances of damage and loss. The company also makes provisions to tie the boxes to the vehicles with strong ropes to prevent them from falling or breaking.

After reaching the new location, the job of unloading is also done by the employees of Kohinoor Packers and Movers. They unload the boxes from the vehicle and reach it into the new space. They also help to unbox the contents and arrange the things in the new area as per the client’s requirements.